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Confessions of A Toxic Perfectionist and Gods Antidote (Published 2020)

A strong commitment to excellence, and doing things right in any realm is admirable. But when it develops to a toxic hidden streak as perfectionism under the pretext of perfect Christian life it can be murderous. Billy Graham had rightly said, “The greatest obstacle to our sanctification or godly life is our inability to see ourselves as we really are.”

Lawrence Tong (International Director, OM) says; ‘I have followed George Verwer and his writings for more than forty years. ‘Confessions of a Toxic Perfectionist and God’s Antidote’ is one of his best books yet. Pertinent, poignant, passionate and without mincing any words, the book addresses the eroding traits that are inhibiting the body of Christ. He uses his personal life and journey as an example of God’s ongoing grace and antidote to shape and transform an imperfect person to the image of Christ’.

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Video: George Verwer on toxic perfectionism, big heartedness and disappointment! Many of you will appreciate this 28 minute interview with missionary pioneer, George Verwer. In this video, George discusses his latest book, Confessions of a Toxic Perfectionist. He talks about his own struggles as a perfectionist, and reflects on how to avoid slipping from a commitment to excellence into toxic perfectionism'. Watch here.

Messiology (Published in 2018)

Previously published as ‘More Drops’ (2015).

George Verwer bears his heart in his usual honest way, sharing life lessons, learned over many years, about the challenges and complexities of life and how easy it is to get into difficulty.

Each of the 14 chapters cover valid, standalone topics, covering George’s thoughts on unity, paradox, mission, mistakes, mercy, leadership and more!

The complete book demonstrates the remarkable wisdom, knowledge and heart of the Founder and former International Director of Operation Mobilisation, clearly showing George’s passion to pass on to the next generation as much all that he has learned from the Lord and His people.

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Drops from a Leaking Tap (Published in 2008)

Life is an amazing mixture of victory and defeat, success and failure, joy and pain, peace and battles, happiness and brokenness. But life in Jesus assures the ultimate victory over everything. ‘Drops from a Leaking Tap’ narrates and assesses how, in spite of a mixture of the ups and downs, lives that are committed to Jesus can mood forward in His purposes. 

‘We must press forward with our eyes on the Saviour, Lord Jesus. Let’s embrace the pain and hurt and allow them to make us better people for his glory’, says George Verwer with many examples from his real life and 52 years of Ministry. 

Our choice is to walk with the Lord and to serve him bring us good as well as unpleasant experiences. 

God answers prayers, but not all prayers will be answered in the way we want them.

Victory is our privilege, but not all seeming defeats can be erased from our history.

Obstacles are sure to come into our lives, yet His all-sufficiency will help us overcome them all.

Dr Joseph D’Souza says, ‘the contents of this book reveals what George Verwer has learned over 52 years of Ministry, and all who read it will be exposed to the most revolutionary message of God for the present day’.

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Out of the Comfort Zone (Published in 2000)

Reading this book could seriously change your attitude! 

George Verwer has managed to write a book that is humble and hard-hitting at the same time. He doesn’t pull any punches in his heart’s cry for a ‘grace awakened’ approach to mission, and wants to cut through any superficial ‘spirituality’ that may be lurking inside you.

George’s approach to mission is down-to-earth, honest and thoroughly biblical. After 40 years of experience in mission, George Verwer is still learning and open to change - and he expects no less of you. He shows how many Christians have the feeling that someone else will take care of it and have a vague, detached and unrealistic attitude to what mission is all about. This book will challenge you to step out from your comfort zone and adjust your view of how mission work is being done. 

George Verwer is known throughout the world as a motivator and a mobiliser. Out of the Comfort Zone should only be read by those who are willing to accept God’s grace, catch His vision and respond with action in the world of mission. 

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George Verwer Collection 

George Verwer has inspired and encourage thousands in their Christian discipleship. Now three of his best loved books - Hunger for Reality, No Turning Back and Revolution of Love - are brought together in this three-in-one collection. 

The trilogy points us to love as the central theme of Christian life, cause us to effective service, and revolutionises our lives so that they are consistent and productive.

Hunger for Reality (Published in 1972)

No one can say in these days that we Christians are spiritually starved. Through the care and faithfulness of God servants, we are generously fed, taught, encouraged, pampered, stimulated, supported and nursed along. Yet we know very well, if we are honest, that this has had all too little effect on our lives. 

Can this contradiction be ended, this double-living cured? Can Christ really revolutionise our lives so that they are consistent and productive. The answer is yes! The result for each of us is not a life of perfection, but it is a life of reality. It does not mean a life of ease, but it is a life of joy. Our lives can be transformed. 

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No Turning Back (Published in 1983)

A call to re-dedication, No turning back is designed to reveal how Christians can enter active service. It presents the disciple’s weapons, teaches how to press on when the going gets tough, and seeks to help Christians to ‘live a life of love’, worthy of the God they serve.

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Revolution of Love (Published in 1989) – later revised and updated

George Verwer’s classic message the ‘Revolution of Love’ has been used to point people to this central theme of the Christian life for over 25 years. 

The subtitle is ‘Moulding our lives to mirror God’. 

In this updated edition, it is joined by more recent messages on: Spiritual Balance, the Holy Spirit, the Lordship of Christ, Self-acceptance and World Mission Today. 

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There is Dynamite in Literature (Published in 2003)

Previously listed as a ‘Literature Evangelism’ (1963), now revised and updated.

Having been saved through the ministry of literature, George Verwer often felt guilty for challenging people to distribute literature without telling them how to do it. There is ‘Dynamite in Literature’ fills that gap. 

Outlining the power, need, purpose and presentation of literature evangelism, this practical updated edition will propel us forward as effective distributors and evangelists well into the 21st-century. 

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